Course for Teens

Toolkit for Life

Actively prepared for a happy and meaningful life.

For more than 20 years, I have been observing life and looking for ways of being that support me in being happy no matter what happens in life. It is my wish to share these tools with young people so that they can begin right now to take the responsibility for their happiness into their own hands. The tools that we learn and practice together make that possible and open the door for their continued journey.

The methods that are presented are all methods that I myself practice regularly. They stem from timeless wisdom taken from both traditional and modern sources. Some of these sources include: The Journey® from Brandon Bays, The Work of Byron Katie, Non-violent Communication from Marshall Rosenberg, and the teachings of Mata Armitanandamayi Devi and other holy persons.

Some of the issues that we address in the course include: depression, addiction, emotional pain, stress & relaxation, lethargy & motivation, habitual patterns of thought and action, recognizing and experiencing the self, conflicts, intuition, emotions, happiness & suffering, the ego, relationships & mirroring, letting go, gratitude, forgiveness, and patience. We learn several practical exercises, leaving time for discussion and, of course, fun.

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