Course for Children


This course is comprised of elements that allow our children to feel balanced, at peace, and happy. It includes various tools that they can use on their own to have positive control over themselves and their experiences in live. Some of the important elements include:

Relaxation and Time for Stillness:
We learn practices that help us release and process everyday stresses. We practice how pleasant and recharging it is to be alone with ourselves in stillness. Naturally, we also use movement and ‘being loud’ as ways to relax.

Where do emotions come from? Why do emotions come? We get to know our emotions, what they are and how we can interact with them so that they can support us and offer us important information. Most importantly, we practice how to express them in healthy ways and how we can transform them.

Healing Processes:
We practice how easy it is to heal ourselves. We learn simple tools and use them so that we can actively do something so that we feel better.

We learn how to express ourselves, who we are and what we want. At the same time, we look inside other people and try to understand what they feel and what they wish for.

Why do we have conflicts? Is it okay to have conflicts? What can we do so that everybody gets what he or she needs?

When a participant has a problem and doesn’t know how he or she can address it or solve it, with the help of the group, we look for solutions in our set of tools. When we can’t solve the problem, we look for what we can do so that the problem no longer bothers the person having it.

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