The Journey®


The Journey® is a healing inner journey to the source of the behavior, unrest, or illness which you would like to improve. With gentle guidance, your own conscious guides to where the healing needs and wants to take place. By removing the roots of the issue right at the source, the result is often multi-faceted. All the symptoms associated with the issue change naturally and effortlessly because of the profound change occurring at a much deeper level.

Replacing unsupportive beliefs, working through emotional bloackages, discovering silent saboteurs and secondary gains, intergrating useful inner resources, cutting energetic ties, getting permission from the self and others, speaking out forgiveness, and the use of many more tools can lead to fundamental changes in our experience of ourselves and life.


Possible results of a session include:

• more self-confidence and centerness

• Experience of more happiness, peace, and general contentment

• Reduction or relief from fear, worry, and suffering

• More energy and enjoyment of life

• Improvement in minor and significant physical ailments.

I firmly believe that all healing is self-healing. From personal experience, this modality works effectively to support this process.

Some of the possible issues that can be addressed are:
• Support for major life changes and periods of transition
• Separation, divorce, and death
• Depression
• Difficulties related to eating and sleeping
• Trauma, violence, abuse
• Schools issues of all kinds
• Social issues of all kinds
• Emotional issues, especially dealing with fear, anxiety, and anger
• Physical issues, from mild complaints to serious illness

Even in the case where there are no specific issues that need attention, this method helps remove blockages that separate us from being in contact with our own source and essence. It allows us to live more from our authentic self and to experience more consciousness, happiness, lightness, and love as a result.

This modality works for adults, children (including babies), and adolescents.

As this method is facilitated by speaking, it is possible and equally effective at a distance, over the telephone or via the internet.

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